Friday, 7 January 2011

My name is Whitney Hedges and over the next few months am going to produce hopefully my first show garden on behalf of my college Hadlow for the Kent show.
I have Had to come up with a brief for the Garden which is daunting, what I decided on was based on my admiration for a classmates project to build a portable home from a recycled shipping container. this prompted me to design a garden based on recycling and use a shipping container as a pavilion/ summerhouse. my budget is somewhat limited so my initial plans for a convertible outdoor entertaining and office space has been scaled down a shame really because I felt this made the design much stronger.
The challenge is to make everything recycled and chic at the same time this is no cluttered eccentric hippy hotbox!! I want you to imagine yourself entertaining 6 or 7 of your friends late into the night here and your a little chuffed this space is yours!

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