Monday, 31 January 2011

recycled newspaper bench...
good ol milk crates I used to wish I could graduate from beer crate furniture to the real stuff. now I'm sorry I threw them all away.

keys from a computer key board it looks like it would leave a fascinating pattern on the back of your thighs..
Spades and spokes I spose.
Another design by the very same person I would love to know how they made these? and what you would do if your kid squashes a jammy dodger into it?

This is a wonderful piece that is really a work of art.
paper clips re-invented with some of those spare keys that you never know what to do with. I could see it getting harder and harder to resist a bit of a craft attack!!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

ok I'm really feeling love for this, any ideas about how to drill holes in the bottom of teacups? I'm thinking of using a masonry drill or maybe something with diamonds embedded into it and I'm thinking of using tape to stop there from being shards and chips breaking off.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I wonder when my local jumble sale is on next?
this dress is epic...
he'll never even notice they've gone
I think my husbands may find some of his ties go missing....
or this....
Have you ever seen this use for a necktie?
Neck ties are full of potential

People used to think nothing of recycling, for instance women during the war made clothes from their husbands suits while they were away fighting. We faced huge challenges in those days and our grandmothers could still teach us allot about re-invent re-new re-create.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

this is the View of the garden with Erigeron karvinskianus planted on the roof.
This is the Master plan view with the container top off, I've rendered it with scans and images of re-cycled things I scanned sweets and buttons, paper paint brushes, and string. there are some typos as always but so far so good I hope.
This image hopefully has not been manipulated because if not, I love the Bilbo Bagginess in the Hobbit hole feeling in this hallway how fabulous!!
Simple modular and Abstract...could this be post-modern?
a closer look at the previous.
one of the more wonderful modernist ideals was modularity. It's a post industrial ideal to be able to manufacture everything cheaply and quickly. this allowed Crystal palace in London to be built in record time but it was the modernists who grappled with finding the true aesthetic of manufactured and's just a shame it cost the earth but maybe in some small twist of fate the thing which can help us now is once again modularity with a greener hand? I don't know maybe?
I think this is wonderfully playful. I wonder how this material really would perform in the long run? I guess in my mind cardboard is a really temporary thing. but maybe I'm just full of preconceived notions. after all it is lightweight, strong, fully recycled or recyclable...and dare I say it can be beautiful too.
another cardboard bookshelves I think this could be MDF but I'm not sure.
cardboard tubes make interesting shelves

Monday, 24 January 2011

I Love the way there is a real charm about the simplicity of this . It gets you to focus maybe on the details of an object that maybe you never even looked twice at before.

Quirky intimate space created from a few simple oil drums.

An oil drum re purposed into a funky retro or looking rocker I think its great but I wonder how comfortable how it would really be

old chair backs turned into coat hangers. its a shame they would be covered by clothes, never the less I really love them.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Coffe Tables and a chainsaw? I really like the way they are cut off at the place where they meet the wall. these could be any old crap you find at the dump? but they are really quite clever.
Cheap Ikea Chairs I think, only they just aren't that cool looking are they?
Ever wondered what to do with stacks and stacks of national geographic mags? well if you can work out how they cut these?
Recycled drawers, I think these are quite nice maybe not spectacular. I think the scale is way too small.
Snug end of the container needs something amazing. I would love to curl during a summer rain shower with a good book and listen to the rain nourish my garden.
Another collection of plants for the "wetter" beds near the pool of water I need more yellow for mid july on wetish soil any ideas?
A collection of the plants I am currently trying to source for the Kent garden, colours to go with rusty red and rust and also to appear as if they are beautiful accidents any imput would be appreciated.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A shopping trolley transformation, Its a shame they took the wheels off though.

Friday, 21 January 2011

this wonderful piece is made from recycled textiles.Did you know it takes ten times more energy to make a tonne of textiles than a tonne of glass? unreal huh? ( Joanna Yarrow how to reduce your carbon footprint)
and the rose....tuna?
the quest for the perfect outdoor hanging pendant light continues, hows this for pop industrial chic?
A great way to create a micro climate within a garden I only wish the timber structure had less of the D.I.Y off the shelf timber look to it , these are yet again 2 ltr plastic bottles.
Look carefully these are the bottoms of 2 ltr plastic drink bottles..... and I spy ordinary led Christmas lights.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

This is a little more friendly but also a little more ugly...maybe it doesn't have to be ugly?
Glamed up stacking plastic chair I really love this but know its all down to about £30.oo of aerosol Plasticote paint which is not so very eco is it?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

OK not a weed but it definatly has a rugged survivor persona doesn't it? and we love it right?
The type species of this maligned over breed plant is so beautiful it deserves to be brought to all our attention......introducing Tagates patula linnaeus!! if I can procure seed soon we may meet it in July....fingers crossed.